Roti Paratha  
Roti Paratha

Paratha is the bread that originates from the Northern part of the Indian sub-continent. We offer you a wide variety of products, including plain, wholemeal and the wellness range (made from stone-milled whole wheat, with 50% less fat and four times the fibre). Exotic stuffed versions include potato- and spice-filled. Our nine-inch roti wraps make it even easier to create a meal - simply fill with rendang, dry curries, salad, or kaya, peanut butter and jam for dessert.

With a slightly grainy texture and a more robust flavor, this flat bread is made from whole wheat flour with water and is a traditional Indian bread. Chapatti requires no oil when pan-fried and is widely consumed daily as a healthy, everyday staple.
Naan bread

Every piece of KAWAN's naan is uniquely hand-stretched and baked using an organic traditional tandoor oven to achieve the most authentic taste and texture. Available in plain, onion kulcha, and coriander-and-garlic flavours.
Vegetable Curry  
Vegetable Curry

Our perfect blend of spices and the right balance of vegetables and dhall make our curries the perfect accompaniment to our range of Indian flat breads or as a dish to go with rice.
Pitta Bread  
Pitta Bread

A chewy, traditional Middle-Eastern leavened bread, the Pita is unique in having an inside pocket - perfect to hold any fillings of your choice, such as meat, salads or cheeses. Pita is also used for dipping with hummus, olive oil or curries and stews.
Flower Rolls
Silver Loaf
Flower Rolls and Silver Thread Loaves

Made from the same recipe as our mantous, our flower rolls of twisted dough are irresistibly light and fluffy, with a natural sweetness that goes perfect with any Chinese dish.
Our ingenious bread loaf contains ¿silver¿ threads of dough, suitable for steaming or deep fried. The ideal tool for soaking up any delicious curry or sauce.
Mini Bun  
Mini Steamed Buns

The perfect steamed bun, light and fluffy, with a natural sweetness to the taste, perfectly blended with a deliciousfilling all in a neat bite¿sized package that will enthral both adults and children alike. Available with BBQ Soya and Red Bean fillings.
Spring Rolls  
Asian Snacks

The ultimate snack. Our famous spring rolls with crispy skin filled with a delicious soymeat and turnip. Our triangular marvels contain a scrumptious mix of vegetables with an exotic blend of spices for a heartening meal or snack by itself. Deep fried to a golden brown no one can resist.
Finger Puff Finger Puff  

It's just what every party needs. Each dainty scrumptious snack is a perfect combination of expertly crisp, buttery pastry with a choice of mouth watering, delectable fillings. Ready to serve from the freezer in 5 minutes, you'll always be prepared. And because it comes in convenient bite-sized pieces, it¿s the perfect solution for any party - a snack that your guests will find irresistible. Available in Malaysian Surprise (sambal ikan bilis, BBQ soy meat, curry potato and kaya fillings), Maharaja Spice (pakora, vegetable vindaloo, curry potato and kaya fillings), and Western Wonders (spinach & onion, mushroom & cream, garlic & herbs and apple & cinnamon fillings) selections.
Veat - Vegetarian Meat

Tastier and better, VEAT is the latest generation of meat alternative products. Being nature's complete protein, you can now live your life to the fullest without compromises with VEAT. And the way we make it, you won¿t miss out on the texture of meat.
There's a VEAT for every occasion. Our versatile Original Style Bites are suitable for stir-fry, casseroles, stews, pies, soups, salads and is great even on its own, while our other flavours are a complete dish by itself. Available in chicken, satay chicken, pandan chicken, Thai style, pakora and BBQ flavours.
Glutinous Rice Ball Glutinous Rice Ball  
Glutinous Rice Balls

An outer covering of delightfully chewy dough that gives way to a centre of aromatic paste, made exactly in the same way as traditional recipes. Available with red bean, sesame and peanut fillings, and in mini-rainbow-balls; a colourful combination of mini rice balls made of delightfully chewy dough for every occasion!